Clean your Windows!

By November 11, 2020Uncategorized
Clean your windows

You just installed your new window film and you fell in love with it. Well, now it’s time to keep it clean and in perfect shape.

One of the perks of having window film is you don’t have to clean it as often because the film will not accumulate dirt as quickly as the normal glass does. It’s important to wait at least 30 days from installation. Once the 30 days is up, you can begin polishing the film.

What to Avoid

  • Brushes
  • Scouring pads
  • Abrasive towels
  • Baking soda

How to Clean 

  1. Add a simple solution of mild dish detergent and water together.
  2. Spray the solution onto the window film.
  3. Use a SOFT cloth, paper towels, or a damp sponge to clean.
  4. If you are using a sponge, make sure to clean it often.

Cleaning your window film will keep your home looking polished, but also help the tint to last as long as it can. Keep these tips in mind, the next time you clean your window film from Indy Tint.