Window Film Questions Answered

Window Film Questions Answered by Custom Glass Tinting, Inc.

Window film has quickly grown in popularity to upgrade your home without worrying about total window replacements. As it has gained more attention, more questions are being asked. We’ve made a list of some of our most frequently asked window film questions and hope to answer them for you!

Will there be reductions in internal temperature?

The heat during the summers can impact the inside of your home more than you realize. Your windows are a great way to let natural sunlight in, but they also let the natural heat of the sun in. Window films can vastly reduce the heat that comes in without hindering your view to the outdoors.

How will this impact the value of my home?

We cannot give precise numbers; however, window films are a fantastic way to add value to your home. In southern states like Florida or Texas, where it’s extraordinarily hot, window film is a significant asset worth the increased price when buying a home.

How messy is the installation process?

We strive to achieve five-star service for every installation we do. This means we keep things clean, organized, and contained so it does not impact the customer more than it has to.

How expensive is it?

Window film is a one-time investment that can bring you overall savings over time. You can see a drop in your energy bill expenses while also saving money by installing a window film instead of a total window replacement.

How long will it take to install the window film?

The installation process can vary from client to client. Numerous factors affect how long it takes to install window film, including the kinds of windows, window film, outdoor conditions, and more. However, overall, window film can be installed within a day.

Window film brings many benefits to the table regarding your home or business. We hope that we have answered some of your burning questions! If you are ready to install window film, contact us today to schedule a consultation.