Residential Window Tint Benefits

Residential Window Tint Benefits Custom Glass Tinting, Inc.

Often when we hear the words “window film” or “window tint,” we immediately think of car windows. Though car window tint is definitely in popular demand, there is another window tint that can be very beneficial to you and your family.

Window films for your home offer a variety of benefits that can not only lower your electric bills and protect you and your family from intruders and the outdoor environment. Harmful UV rays, home intruders, etc., can all be dangers to your home that window film can prevent against. Here are some ways installing window film can upgrade your home:

First off, window film can drastically reduce the heat coming in. The summers can be brutal, especially this past year. Many may not realize it, but their windows are the main reason their home cannot retain the cool air of their A/C. Windows let a lot of heat into the house, making your A/C work harder than it should. Window tints can offer a shield against the sun, cutting up to 67% of the heat. This also reduces your cooling costs by up to 30%, making this the main reason homeowners are installing window films.

Along with the heat, the sun also brings another battle for homeowners: UV rays. UV rays, also known as ultraviolet rays, are known for their effect on the skin. We were taught at a young age to apply sunscreen when spending long periods outside in the sun. However, did you know that these same rays can also affect you inside your home? UV rays can cause damage to the skin, as well as your interior furnishings. Fading, aging, deterioration, and more can result from UV rays. Window films can protect your home from up to 99.9% of UV rays.

In addition to UV rays, other invaders can cause much more immediate damage: home intruders. Smash and grab robberies are pretty standard, and the damage and loss can be devastating. Even if you have insurance, the violation of a stranger in your home taking your things can be scary. This is where window film comes in. Window film can tint your windows to reduce their view into your home. Most of the time, robbers will not go for a difficult target. Instead, they want an easy target that can get them in and out quickly, with a good chance of getting something of value. If they cannot easily see into your home, they cannot determine whether your house has enough valuable items to steal.

Window film can vastly improve your home, make your environment safer, and make you generally more comfortable in your own home. If you are ready to upgrade your home using window tint, contact us today for more information.