Important Things To Consider About Window Film

Important Things To Consider About Window Film

Window film, also known as window tint, has steadily grown in popularity. It’s no surprise seeing this boom in demand with how convenient they are. They are a cheap, efficient way to upgrade your home without a complete window replacement. With this growing interest comes an increase in questions. Below are four of our most frequently asked questions and our answers to them!

How do I go about choosing my window film?

At Custom Glass Tinting, we have a team prepared to assist you in discovering the best window film for you and your home. This process starts with a consultation to quickly identify your needs so we can recommend suitable films for you. In addition, we can bring samples for you to see how they will look on your windows.

Will I see a reduction in my energy bill?

The simple answer is yes! The hot summers can be brutal, especially in the south. Window film is a practical, one-time purchase that can save money on your energy bill. Both commercial and residential A/C units can see relief immediately when window films have been installed.

Will it reduce glare?

Glare through the windows onto TV or computer screens can be annoying and distracting. Thankfully, window film can greatly reduce this issue without having to block your view of the outside.

Will it protect my furnishings from fading?

UV rays can quickly cause damage to your interior furnishings, including fading. Even if they are indoors, UV rays can come through the windows if you don’t have protective measures. Window film acts like sunscreen, protecting your interior furnishings from the same harmful rays that sunscreen guards our skin against.


Here at Custom Glass Tinting, we are devoted to ensuring you find the best window film for your needs and guarantee trained professionals to install your window film correctly. We hope this article answered these questions for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation if you are ready to find out more about window film options.