The Benefits of Window Film in a Medical Facility

By October 14, 2019Uncategorized

Appearance, energy use improvements, resident safety, and interior climate control are some of the benefits that both homeowners and business owners receive from the application of window film. But the use of window film is not limited to only houses and places of business. Hospitals and health care facilities have opted to install window film as a method by which to protect patients and minimize energy bills.

Window Film for Safety and Security

The care and protection of hospital patients are both objectives that hospitals attempt to achieve for each patient. Film is of particular interest in areas where the weather is harsh and likely to cause damages that can endanger patients. The installation of window film is a plausible solution and it allows patients to feel a greater sense of safety and peace of mind.

Protection from Weather and Hazards

The application of window film helps to reduce the risk of injury and damage by holding shattered glass together, preventing shards of glass from entering the rooms of patients. Film also minimizes the potential damage caused by shards of glass to expensive medical equipment. While window film is not able to prevent intrusions by invaders, it does result in an intruder being significantly slowed down.

Energy Efficiency and Sun Protection

In addition to the benefits described above, window film also rejects 99% of the harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer, adding an additional layer of protection for patients. Film can also block up to 86% of the heat from the sun, making a medical facility much more comfortable for patients. The reduction of the heat from the sun then aids In the energy efficiency of the building as less energy is needed from the HVAC system and can result in a reduction in the cooling expenses for the medical building.