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3M™ Sun Control Window Film and 3M™ Low E Window Film

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3M™ Sun Control Window Film and 3M™ Low E Window Film

How does the 3M™ Sun Control Window Film work?

3M Sun Control Films reduce how much solar heat comes through window glass. By utilizing solar reflection and absorption. Colored or dyed films are designed to absorb solar heat, reflective films are given precision coating with metals.

Even though reflective and colored films give the impression of not being clear, all of 3M’s Sun Control Films are made to be transparent and optically clear. In addition, all films have ultraviolet protection in the adhesive. This gives the film longevity while providing UV protection to your home and office.

How does the 3M™ Low E Window Film work?

3M Low E Films function similarly to how the sun control films. What makes them different is that the Low E are more powerful against cold weather. The patented construction of the film empowers their metal coating to reflect heat back into the building. This cuts down cold spots in the room near windows during those snowy days. Just like 3M’s other films, Low E films are protected with our patented abrasion resistant coating for a maintained appearance and long-term durability.

Why do business owners have 3M™ Window Film applied to their buildings?

  • With 3M window film applied, heating and cooling operating costs drop
  • Improved comfort for employees and tenants
  • Upgraded ad unique appearances and changes in environment
  • More durability to windows, providing more safety and security
  • Extending the life of an A/C unit
  • More cost efficient than getting additional A/C equipment

Learn About 3M™ Window Film

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What is the average energy reimbursement when it comes to 3M™ Sun Control Window Film?

Simple reimbursement depends on various elements like how much the glass is exposed to sunlight, the kind of film, the kind of glass, cost of fuel, the cost of application, and so much more. With all that said, we have witnessed reimbursement often ranging in the 2-5 year period. Contact Custom Glass Tinting, Inc., to examine the potential savings in energy you can get.

How do I apply 3M Window Film?

3M films are professionally installed by trained and authorized 3M dealers, so you don’t have to worry about attempting it yourself. Most of our films are intended to be installed to the inside of your glass.

The first step is preparing the window area for installation. This includes placing tarps or drop cloths on the floor, and moving furniture away from the area.

Next, the glass is cleaned using basic cleaning solution and razor blade scrapers. The film is also sprayed with a slip solution for precise application, and applied to the glass. Using professional equipment and training, the installation is finished by removing any moisture, cleaning up edges, and drying the edges.

How long does it take for 3M Window Films to dry?

We recommend letting it fully dry and cure, which can take up to thirty days. As it cures, it’s perfectly normal for it to look hazy or have small water bubbles. Overtime, these will disappear leaving a clean and transparent finish. Depending on weather conditions and the kind of film applied, drying can take as long as 45 days, or as short as just a few days. Once cured, 3M window Films will look stunning and perform for years after application.

Security Film Incorporated in U.S. Schools

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The worldwide innovation company, 3M™, has started giving Safety and Security Film to schools across the country.

The past few years school safety has been a developing worry in America. It’s been determined that glass on windows and doors is a very exposed and open entrance for schools. Not to worry, 3M Safety and Security Film can help deter danger as well as give extra minutes to police officers.

Security Film is much more economical than just upgrading your windows with stronger glass. Not only does it make the glass stronger, but it also has reflectivity. This basically means that a possible aggressor will only view their reflection while the other side still has an outside view. It hinders the ability to create targets while giving those inside the chance to catch any assailants.

3M safety merchandise offers extra window and door protection. The Safety Series keeps shattered glass intact so windows won’t just break open. In addition, the Impact Protection Attachment System binds the glass to its frame. Giving you the strongest protection when used with security film.

Hundreds of films have reached out to 3M to acquire additional safety measures. 3M Safety and Security have also been integrated into more than 200 American schools.

Can Security Window Film Make Your Home More Secure?

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There are many investments you can make to protect your home against burglary. Solid wood doors, metal doors, or added deadbolts add extra protection to the entrances of your home. However, if your windows are not protected this could be seen as an open invitation to any burglar to easily access your home. Not to worry, we have a few solutions to that!

Security Window Film

Windows and glass doors are some of the most vulnerable parts of your house when it comes to break-ins, and for good reason. Glass is typically easy to break through, letting in whoever might desire what you could hold inside. Now you could always upgrade your windows with double-glazed panes. Though this does make the glass stronger and more resilient, it is also pretty expensive for the average homeowner. So what other option do you have? Window film is ideal and much less expensive, making your existing windows stronger and better.

What is a security window film?

So what is this film? Security window film is made of several layers of polyester, stuck together with unique adhesives. The thickness of the film can range from 4 mils (100 microns) to 14 mils (350 microns). Generally, the thicker the film is the stronger your windows become against breakage.

For the majority of security purposes, 8 mils to 14 mils is usually what’s applied. The manufacturer states that the majority of security film can stand up to blows of 400 pounds. The cost for 3M™’s 28-ply Ultra Safety and Security Clear Window Film is about $7 to $9 per square foot. Considering the application of this film can be difficult, it is recommended that a professional does the application. This will probably make things more pricey.

How effective is a security window film against a break-in?

Despite the extra expenses, it may be worth it to invest. When your window is stronger through the application of security window film, it can easily hinder or deter break-ins. Even if a break-in were to occur, the sound of the glass shattering makes enough of an impact to scare away your thief or delay them enough for you to contact the authorities.

With all of this said, it should be considered that having your windows strengthened with the security film does not make your home burglar-proof. It is only one additional security measure that can be added to other security measures. We recommend adding an alarm to your window, alerting you and the police of the break-in, making your home fortified and safe.

3M™ Window Film Helps Prevent Fading

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I would like to know if the application of a 3M window film on the interior of my home window will stop my carpets and furniture from fading.

There is nothing on the market that will stop all fading. The available 3M window film products are manufactured to help minimize the potential impact by the primary causes of fading (UV light, visible light, and solar heat). This can help prolong the life of furnishings in a room substantially.

Please keep in mind that, if the furniture is protected has an expected lifespan of five years, it may last up to decade or longer depending on the film you select for application. That being said, if the life of furnishing is only expressed in weeks, then expectations for a longer life will be expressed in terms of months.

As a handy guide, UV accounts for about 40% of fading; visible light is responsible for close to 25% of fading and heat is responsible for 25% of fading. The final 10% of fading can be attributed to the environment and product components.

The Benefits of Window Film in a Medical Facility

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Appearance, energy use improvements, resident safety, and interior climate control are some of the benefits that both homeowners and business owners receive from the application of window film. But the use of window film is not limited to only houses and places of business. Hospitals and health care facilities have opted to install window film as a method by which to protect patients and minimize energy bills.

Window Film for Safety and Security

The care and protection of hospital patients are both objectives that hospitals attempt to achieve for each patient. Film is of particular interest in areas where the weather is harsh and likely to cause damages that can endanger patients. The installation of window film is a plausible solution and it allows patients to feel a greater sense of safety and peace of mind.

Protection from Weather and Hazards

The application of window film helps to reduce the risk of injury and damage by holding shattered glass together, preventing shards of glass from entering the rooms of patients. Film also minimizes the potential damage caused by shards of glass to expensive medical equipment. While window film is not able to prevent intrusions by invaders, it does result in an intruder being significantly slowed down.

Energy Efficiency and Sun Protection

In addition to the benefits described above, window film also rejects 99% of the harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer, adding an additional layer of protection for patients. Film can also block up to 86% of the heat from the sun, making a medical facility much more comfortable for patients. The reduction of the heat from the sun then aids In the energy efficiency of the building as less energy is needed from the HVAC system and can result in a reduction in the cooling expenses for the medical building.

Window Film Options

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The window film options available have improved substantially since 1966 when 3M™ was granted the very first window film patent for its metalized solar window film. Films that are available now include:

  • Metalized
  • Polyester
  • Ceramic
  • Optically clear
  • Tinted
  • Opaque
  • Architectural
  • Interior designer
  • Anti-graffiti
  • RF signal friendly non-metalized
  • Dual-technology
  • Daylight redirecting films

Each of these window film types has been engineered and manufactured to help improve the environment inside a commercial building or a house. The film types listed above can also help secure perimeter envelopes and enhance the aesthetics of the building where it is being installed.

In recent years, our company has experienced a sharp increase in the demand for window film installation for schools, both public and private, colleges and universities. School facility managers and superintendents are responding like this because both community and government agencies are demanding improved safety, security and energy use within their buildings. The occurrence of catastrophic events and weather pattern changes have increased demand for installations of security, safety and sun control window film options. Breakthroughs in technology have resulted in highly engineered window films that offer unique opportunities and solutions to common issues.

Indeed, there is an array of window film options available. Wise shoppers will research and rely on the professionals to guide them to the best window film for their particular goals.

How to Find the Right Window Film Company

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Finding The Right Window Film Company

Each day we talk to people who are researching window tint companies, and we will explain that they should look at the same few points for each window film company:

Find out if they install 3M™ manufactured window film.

If a window film installer is hesitant to tell you who manufactures the window film they install, end the call and choose to work with someone else. This is a good indicator that the window film installer is switching films or is choosing not to use high quality films for installation. Purchasing this type of window film for your home windows will result in expensive film removal charges and re-tinting charges in the immediate future.

Ask what the window film warranty covers and be sure to make sure you will be issued a copy of the warranty.

All 3M window film products carry a specific warranty that will detail what the warranty covers, along with information about how to locate a window film installer nationwide. A window film installation company who does not issue a warranty card will most likely state that it will honor a warranty as long as there is tangible proof that the installer completed the work, but you will not have a guarantee that they will use the same product you originally purchased. In addition, if the installer closes, you have will no proof that a warranty exists on your home window film. The best plan to protect yourself is to get a copy of the warranty and keep it with you’re the original copy of your receipt.

Review the window film installation company’s credentials

How many window film installations has the company completed? Do they install window film on home and commercial windows, or do they specialize in one over the other? Ask about the conditions under which they prefer to install and ask to see the available window film options.

The application of window film to home or commercial windows can be a substantial investment, one that should last for the life of you owning the property. An established and honest window film application company will have no problem showing you the window film products you want to purchase. Following these simple steps, and asking a few questions, before hiring an installation company will result in an improved overall experience that will not need to be repeated in two years.

Three Benefits of Home Window Film Application

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The key benefit most people understand about tinting home windows is that it can reduce energy bills. This is great, but how does it work? Window tint film options from 3M™ minimize heat loss during winter months and heat gain during summer months, which will help you save money on energy bills! The window film also helps to reduce the loss of air conditioned air during hottest months of the summer. This helps your home to be more energy efficient and the rooms comfortable for everyone, all without ever needing to really purchase and install new windows.

Tinting Home Windows Helps Protect Furniture – Each homeowner would like to have light fill a room without being forced to alter the view with closed blinds to keep the sun from damaging the sofa and chairs.

UV window tint can minimize the fading of fabrics, rugs, art and wood caused by the sun. If fading has been an issue in your home, stop running from room to room opening or closing window treatments as the position of the sun changes and get window film applied by a professional. Then it will be possible to enjoy the light without the worry for your possessions.

Window Film Helps Improve Safety and Protection – In addition to reduced energy expenses, window tint can add a layer of security and safety to your home. When a window that does not have window film applied is broken, the fragments of glass are sprayed into a room and pose a risk to personal injury. The resulting hole in the window also allows the elements to enter the home and damage your furnishings. However, a window that has been treated with a security window film will keep the broken glass in place and it does not enter the room. This will keep the elements outside. The window film also helps prevent the glass from breaking due to run of the mill bumps and bangs.

There is even a special line of security window film that is a thicker gauge film that provides improved protection to the residence against intruders, vandalism and projectiles.

Five Reasons Window Film is Perfect as a Home Improvement Project

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For most homeowners, spring in the air brings enthusiasm to start new home improvement projects. Did you know that window film can be a terrific choice as your next home improvement project? According to article in Huffington Post by Sam Cohen titled “Build Superior Homes By Installing Window Films — Valid Reasons To Add Them To Your Windows“, here are 5 reasons why window film should be on the top of your home improvement to-do list:

  • A More Comfortable Home: Window film is a product that promotes a comfortable environment in your home. It controls the temperature by reducing the heat coming through the glass. Treating your windows also reduces irritating glare from sunlight which improves comfort and productivity.
  • UV Ray Protection for Furnishings: The upholstery, furnishings, tapestries, and paintings in your home have value. Protect your interior fixtures from fading and extend their lifespan by using window film which blocks up to 99.9 of harmful UV rays. By eliminating the major contributor of fading of your furnishings, you will be assured your home is in great shape, inside and out.
  • Better Home Security and Safety: Windows are the most vulnerable point of entry in a home. Durable security window film is design to hold broken glass together in case of a break-in, natural disaster or an accident. This prevents the leading cause of injuries from broken glass in such emergencies. Moreover, in a case of a break-in, it buys your family crucial time for authorities to respond, deterring the intruder.
  • Innovative Energy-Efficiency: Window film is the new generation of energy-efficiency products that have revolutionized the smart home. Depending on what type of film you choose, you can save on energy costs and practice green-living.
  • Enhanced Privacy and Appearance: There is a variety of window film with different functions in mind. Whether your goal is increased privacy with tinted window film or a dazzling, new look of etched glass for your windows- it comes at a reasonable price. The possibilities of decorative window film are only limited by your imagination.

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Window film, your next, great home improvement project is here, what are you waiting for? If you would like to learn more, contact Pros by clicking HERE. We can answer your questions and schedule a free, no obligation consultation and estimate.