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June 2021

Lower your Electric Bill with Window Film

Lower your Electric Bill with Window Film

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Summer is here! Meaning, the bills from your local power company are growing higher because of the heat.


Luckily for you, Indy Tint states that adding window film to your home is one of the best ways to beat the heat and lower your electric bill.


Window film does so much more than just help reduce your electric bill, it also improves security and privacy, controls excess glare, has glass shatter protection and so much more.


Any window film that blocks at least 60% of the heat is a film to buy and install. That’s exactly what Indy Tints window film is for, to block out the heat and lower your electric bill.


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Myths and Facts About Window Tint

Myths and Facts About Window Tint

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Indy Tint wants to clear the air on what’s true and false when it comes to window film.


Myth 2: Window Film is too expensive

Fact: Window film is affordable, and the cost is comparable to window treatments. Window film makes your home energy efficient and has many other benefits worth the cost of installation.


Myth 3: Window Film will block my view.

Fact: Window film enhances your view! It reduces the glare and eyestrain and will allow your view to be seen in a cleaner, crisper way.


Myth 4: Window film will affect the aesthetics of my home.

Fact: Most window tint is barely noticeable. They are neutral and non-reflective.


Myth 5: Window film is bad for indoor plants.

Fact: Window film controls the amount of heat coming into your home, not the number of sun rays coming through to your plants. Additionally, customers over the years noticed house plants do better with window film.

Myth 1: Window Film makes my home too dark

This is false. Having your windows tinted does not mean your home will look dark. There are many options to choose from when installing window tints on your home. Window films are designed to allow plenty of light but reduce heat and glare through your windows.

10 Window Film Facts

10 Window Film Facts

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Why should I Install window films? Indy Tint is here to inform you why.


Fun Facts

  1. Go Green

Installing window films will lower your carbon footprint. Window films are an effective way to go green and feel comfortable in your home.


  1. Save Some Money

Your energy savings will be reduced quite a bit, because of the window film controlling the temperature inside your home. Give your air conditioner a break and save money!


  1. Avoid Eye Straining

Your eye strain will be gone! No more squinting because of the UV rays penetrating from the sun. Window film gives your eyes a chance to relax.


  1. Safety and Security

Window Film ultimately protects you from any glass shattering. This could mean a break-in or a natural disaster. The added film gives the glass a protective cover, reducing your chances of a broken window.


  1. Out with the Old, In with the New

Well, maybe. Instead of replacing your windows, adding window film will recover the window. Films are a much cheaper option than replacing the entire window.


  1. Versatility

No matter the shape or size of your window, film can be installed.


  1. Fading Protection

UV rays can cause the fading of furniture like couches and hardwood floors. Installing window film will keep your home beautiful and help your furniture last.


  1. No More Glare

There is no more moving around the house to avoid window glare. You can now use your devices without the frustration of not being able to fully see them.


  1. Cancer Prevention

We all know to apply sunscreen, but not in our homes. Window Films filter out the harmful UVA and UVB rays.


  1. Style

Your home is now sleek and stylish with film. Your aesthetics have improved, and your home value may increase.


It’s time to upgrade your home!

How to Protect Your Furniture with Window Film

How to Protect Your Furniture with Window Film

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The last thing you think could go wrong when living in your home is the fading of your furniture, surprisingly, it can fade!

As a homeowner, we don’t really think about the effects the sun has on our homes. Sadly, the sun does cause your furniture to fade, whether your couch, countertops, or hardwood floors.

Over time, direct exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can ruin the furniture you spent a lot of money on. Don’t fret though – Indy Tint is here to help you with that problem!


Your Solution

Window Film! A high-quality window tint is a great way to save your furniture from fading over time. The film blocks up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays.

The benefits of 3M™ Commercial Window Film are an increase in tenant comfort, an abundance of natural light, protection from costly and harmful UV rays, and thwarting in vandalism/break-ins. 3M™ Films provide a return on investment in as little as three years. Security, solar and decorative window films can change your mind on what window films can do. Enjoy temperature and sun control, UV protection, window tinting, and privacy while increasing energy savings.