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July 2019

What Causes Fading and Sun Damage?

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A frequent misunderstanding is that UV rays are the reason you can get hazy floors and solar destruction to furnishings. Though they are a big contributing factor, as is common knowledge, they only make up about 40% of the potential damaging factors. Solar heat and detectable light are also considerable contributors, composing about 25% of the issue. The last element is made up of an assortment of things we basically put under the title “Other.” These are factors like interior lighting, humidity, etc.

What can I do to minimize the potential for sun damage?

The first thing you need to understand is that you can’t simply “halt” fading absolutely unless the object you want to guard is in a shaded, air conditioned room. In real life, the best you can do is go after the huge causes of fading in a big enough way to decelerate the progress. Opting into the application of window film to your home windows can be the necessary defining action to protect from fading and sun damage. By decelerating the issue with window film, you strengthen the essence of your floors or furnishings.