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3 Reasons You Need Security Window Film

3 Reasons You Need Security Window Film

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Security Window Film is designed to protect your business or your home from potential crimes, severe weather, and many other problems that we, unfortunately, may face. Indy Tint offers you the best security window film in town.


So why do you need security films?


Avoid Potential Crime: Your glass windows are the most vulnerable part of your home or office. Being able to smash into your personal space is too easy for criminals. But adding window film can help prevent potential burglars and help you keep all of your belongings.


Protection against Storms: Not only can it protect from burglary, but severe weather as well. The film gives the glass an extra layer of protection which will reduce a shatter from high winds.


Improve the Safety: There are many accidents that can occur when being around glass besides weather and crime. Adding that extra layer can ultimately help protect from trees falling, kids playing, and much more.


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FAQs on Window Film

FAQs on Window Film

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What are some of the most frequently asked questions about window film?


How long do window films last?

Window films are built to last. They can last for several years, sometimes as long as 25. With a professional installation by Indy Tint, your tint should last many years due to our expertise.


Can window film protect against natural disasters?

Yes! The good news is that window film adds a protective layer to your window glass, which makes it more shatter-resistant. However, window film cannot stop severe weather and cannot control the force of what is being struck.


Does UV protection in window film fade over time?

The protection is not infinite. But will help control how much UV is transmitting through your home and can help protect your furnishings.


Can I install window film myself?

Installing window film is done with certain tools and training. Without the proper technique, the installation process can be daunting and difficult. Indy Tint can add window film to your home professionally and will give you all the benefits.


Does window film have commercial uses?

Many. Commercial customers use window film for a variety of purposes like lowering heating and cooling costs and lower utility demands. It also provides a great aesthetic and gives your privacy.

5 Reasons you Should Install Window Film

5 Reasons you Should Install Window Film

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  1. Privacy

Having privacy in your home or office is extremely comforting. You never have to wonder about someone looking into your personal space.


  1. Security

Adding window film gives your glass an extra layer of protection and makes its shatter resistance. Whether it’s an intruder or severe weather, window film will help from a potential shattered window.


  1. Decreases Heat

Don’t worry about how much heat is coming through your windows. Window film is very efficient in controlling solar energy.


  1. Reduce Glare

Nothing is more frustrating than the constant glare on your computer or TV screen. Luckily, window film can prevent glare and help reduce the stress on your eyes.


  1. Energy Savings

Lastly, get a bang for your buck! Window film tremendously reduces your energy savings. It keeps the cold or warm air inside, so you don’t have to put as much stress on your AC.


Indy Tint can install window film for you quickly and easily. Contact us today.