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Reasons to Get Your Home Windows Tinted

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Need a simple way to improve your home? Getting your home windows tinted could be the next best thing. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Privacy

If you’re uncomfortable when people investigate your home, window film will satisfy your privacy needs.

  • Security

Security window films prevent outside intruders from looking into your home while also giving the glass on the window a studier hold. Window film is an extra way to feel safe in your home.

  • Glare Reduction

Nothing is worse than the glare from the sun. Installing window film is similar to putting on sunglasses!

  • UV Light Protection

Window film can protect your eyes and skin from UVs from the sun. Window film lets you have it all, natural light, and protection for you.

  • Protection from Sun Damage

Did you know that the sunlight can ruin your furnishings? In fact, the sun’s UV light makes carpet, hardwood, countertops, and other furnishings fade. Protect your belongings with window film.

  • Preventative Overheating

On a sunny, hot day, the sunlight can raise indoor temperatures tremendously. Window film can keep the indoors cool and prevent overheating in your home.

  • Reduce Energy Consumption

The more power you consume, the more bills you must pay. Installing window film can reduce your energy consumption.

  • Save Money

With reducing energy consumption comes lower energy bills! Not only will it protect indoor temperatures but the tarnishing of furniture too.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Will window film reduce the fading of my furnishings?

A: Yes! Without window film, the sun’s UV rays, and visible light can cause fading to your furnishings, belongings, and merchandise. Installing window film will reduce UV rays transmitting through your window up to 85%. Save your things and add window film!

Q: Will my energy savings increase?

A: Yes. You save more money on energy usage when installing window film. The film helps control the temperature inside and helps with the cooling and heating in your home.

Q: Will window film obstruct the view?

A: No! In fact, our high-quality window film reduces glare helping you to see better in your home and still gives you a clear view to look out your windows.

Q: How long will my window film last?

A: Our films come with a warranty if something were to happen. However, our high-quality window film will be installed by our expert professionals, making your window film last.

Q: Is the film applied to the inside or outside of the window?

A: It is applied to the interior side of your windows, facing the room.

Q: How do I clean my windows once it is installed?

A: After 60 days, you can clean your windows with a soft cloth. It’s important to avoid paper towels and avoid abrasive cleansers and bristle brushes.

These are just a few of the questions you may have about window film. Custom Glass Tinting can provide you with our professionals to do a quick and easy install.

Install Privacy Window Film

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There are many benefits to installing privacy window film into your home, Custom Glass Tinting is here to convince you why.

  1. Safety

Privacy window film elevates your home and reduces the risks of intruders entering or peeking into your home. The extra layer of protection gives the glass a stronger hold.

  • Less Glare

Did you know that installing window film in your home can reduce 50% of the glare coming through your window? Decrease headaches and glare with window film.

  • Energy Savings

Save money and save energy! Installing the tint will block up to 80% of the heat entering your home, making the temperature always comfortable.

  • Enhanced Aesthetic

Homes with dark windows always look chic and sleek. You can choose an array of colors and layers of privacy when you add window film to your home.

  • Reduce Fading

Window film blocks up to 99% of UV rays. Often, the sun will fade your hardwood floors and furniture. Save money and your prized furnishings.

  • Affordable

Install window film with numerous benefits for a low cost. The affordable film is easy and fast to install by our professionals.

Power in Privacy

If you are looking to install window film to your home, contact Custom Glass Tinting.

Reduce Glare in Your Home

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Best Places to Install Glare Reduction Window Film

  1. Living Room

The living room is where we watch TV or sit on the couch and use our devices. Avoid a harsh glare by installing window film into your living room.

  • Bathroom

When getting ready, especially when applying makeup, reduce the harsh natural light by installing window film.

  • Office

When working at home, the natural light can make it hard to focus on your computer screen or monitor. Instead of buying curtains, installing window film will give you the best light to be comfortable in your office.

  • Kitchen

Avoid glare in the kitchen when handling hot pans and cooking utensils.

It’s important to be comfortable in your home. Installing glare reduction window film can boost the comfort in your home and make relaxing in your home perfect.

Privacy Window Film in your Home

Privacy Window Film in your Home

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Looking for privacy window films and unsure of what windows to apply them to? We have the answers for you.

  1. Bathroom Windows: the bathroom is the place for “me” time and the only true place to have privacy. However, if your bathroom has windows, you may feel cautious about being in there. Fortunately, window film can bring you the ease and relaxation you want in your own bathroom.
  2. Sidelight Windows: sidelight windows are great for adding natural light into your home, but that’s normally the first place people peak their head through to see inside. Sidelight windows are also great for style but can expose your home too much. Adding window film to your sidelight windows can give you privacy but also adding decorative window film can really amp your home.
  3. Door Windows: it’s simple, adding window film to your door windows will help unwanted views from neighbors and will protect you from potential break-ins.

These three windows are the main windows that we install regularly for our clients. But, it’s perfect for any glass window in your home or office. For more information, visit our website.

Install 3M Window Film

Install 3M Window Film

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Why should I Install 3M window film?

  1. Window Film can Stop Theft

Security window film is the right move for your business. Unfortunately, crime is everywhere. Installing our security 3M window film can prevent possible break-ins and secure your business. Avoids hundreds of lost merchandise by installing window film to your business and avoiding any theft possibility.

2. Window Film can Protect from Liability

Believe it or not, your business property is a liability. If people are on your property and hurt themselves, they can sue you. Avoid a potential window break or glass shattering by installing an extra shield of protection on your window: 3M window film.

3. Window Film Protects You from UV Rays

Security window film protects from UV rays. UV radiation is a form of non-ionizing radiation that is emitted by the sun. UV rays can cause bad glare, ruin your furnishings, and can cause cancer. In fact, the National Cancer Society endorses window film to help cancer prevention.

Window Film is an underrated technology that can be extremely helpful for vamping your business, especially 3M window film. Custom Glass Tinting is available to install protective window film on your business, contact us today.

Reasons Why Window Film is a Great Investment

Reasons Why Window Film is a Great Investment

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Window film has many benefits that many homeowners and businesses are unaware of. The uses can help amplify your home or company, let’s take a deeper look into how window film is a good investment.

  • Decreases Heat: The sun brings in a lot of unwanted heat into your home or office which ultimately increases energy costs. Window film will help lower temperatures in your home.
  • Reduces Fading: Not only does the sun bring in heat, but it also can fade your furnishings. The harmful UV rays can damage flooring, counters, artwork, and other furniture. Avoid spending money on new furnishings by adding window film.
  • Avoid the Glare: It’s no secret the sun is bright, window film can help reduce the glare on screens and help your eyes.
  • Energy Savings: When it’s hot, your AC skyrockets. With window film, you can reduce the amount of money you’re spending and create energy savings.
  • Safety and Security: Window film provides extra safety and security in your home. This can be from intruders, break-ins, or natural disasters. Window film gives your glass and an extra protective layer to maintain your windows.
  • Inspiration and Style: Window film can be decorative. It adds privacy, style and helps you save money.
  • Simplicity: The best part? It’s easy for us to install. Our professional installers make it simple and easy to apply to your home or office and comes with a warranty.

Window film is a great investment, if you want more information visit our website.

10 Things To Look For In A Qualified Commercial Window Tinting Service

10 Things To Look For In A Qualified Commercial Window Tinting Service

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Did you know commercial window tinting can boost safety while also diminishing costs in your workplace? Window tint keeps harmful UV rays at bay while simultaneously fostering a nice, cool office space to kick back in. Not only will employees be happier with the sun’s harsh rays off their backs, but your monthly energy bill will be lower than ever before.

Sold? Here are 10 important things to consider when looking for the right window tinting service to improve your business.

  1. Number of years in operation

A tell-tale sign of a good commercial window tinting company is how long they’ve been in business. The longer a company has been in operation, the more experience and expertise they will have under their belt.

  • Proper experience

There is a big difference between installing car tint and commercial tint. When choosing a company, it is important to make sure they have proper experience handling the right tinting procedures to accommodate commercial window tinting.

  • Stellar reputation

One of the best ways to gain valuable insight into the competence of a tinting company is to see what other people have to say about them. Customer reviews are a great way to gain insight into how a company conducts themselves and gauge the satisfaction of previous clients.

A company’s success rides on their reputation, and a good reputation is a strong indicator of the businesses competence.

  • Quality of materials

The quality of window film a tinting company uses will say a lot about their business standards.  Some tinting services use low-quality tint that looks good initially, but fades and peels quickly. It’s important to make sure the film tint a company uses is high-quality and durable enough to support a commercial building.

  • Service Warranty

One of the best ways to gauge if the window tint you’re receiving is high-quality is to ensure it’s backed by a manufacturer warranty. A warranty gives you the peace of mind that if your film begins to tear or peel, the company will replace it free of charge. By employing a service warranty, a company is telling you they have faith in the quality of their products.

  • Insurance and licensing

The last thing you need is for an uninsured tinting company to accidentally shatter one of your windows and leave you paying for the damage out of your own pocket. An insured tinting company will have the resources to compensate you in the case of unforeseeable accidents.

Likewise, it’s important to make sure a commercial window tinting service has the proper business license. Your company should understand and adhere to the State’s strict window tinting regulations.

  • Price Estimations

Receiving the proper price estimate from a window tinting professional allows you to weigh the costs and benefits of their offered services. In addition, getting an in-person estimation also gives you an opportunity to meet with representatives of your prospective companies and see who better fits your needs.

  • Installation methods

Every company will have different methods for installing window tint. Be sure to ask a business representative important questions such as their estimated time frame and whether the film installation will impede your ability to use the workspace.

  • Type of Film

There are varying types of window film that meet different needs. If your business is looking to protect your windows from flying objects, safety film is the one for you. Or maybe you’re more interested in a UV blocking film to keep the workplace cool. Whatever it is, make sure your commercial window tinting company is able to supply you with the film you need.

  1. Outstanding Customer Service

Whatever company you choose, you want to deal with people who are friendly and have your best interests at heart. Custom Glass Tinting Inc. has a team of polite, courteous and professional individuals ready to provide you with outstanding service around the clock.

Quality you can trust

Now that you know what to look for in a commercial window tinting service, it’s time to choose the company that’s right for you.

Contact the experts at Custom Glass Tinting or give us a call at 317-823-4305 to receive your FREE commercial window film quote today!

The Purpose of Window Film

The Purpose of Window Film

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Window film is self-adhesive laminate film that can be applied to either the interior or exterior of glass surfaces. This thin, transparent film works to enhance the all around performance of your residential or commercial windows by providing the following:

  1. UV Protection
  2. Heat and Temperature control
  3. Improved safety and security
  4. Enhanced privacy
  5. Improved aesthetic

Windows may allow a glimpse into the beautiful landscape outdoors and fill each room with warming sunlight, but without the protection of window film, these luxuries can lead to hot spots, glare, faded furnishings, and other repercussions. Solar radiation from the sun emits harmful UV rays that can lead to a plethora of issues. However, window film acts as a “sunscreen” to block out harmful UV rays as well as regulate the levels of heat and light that pass through the glass. There are a variety of shades and functionalities when it comes to choosing window film. Decorative film, heat & UV blocking film, and privacy film are a few of the options available when considering what window film is right for you.

There are copious benefits window film can provide for your home or workplace and the installation process is quick and easy. Vexing harmful UV rays, ridding bothersome glare, enhancing the sturdiness of your windows, all while giving your space an aesthetic upgrade, are just a few of the improvements window film delivers. The best part, installing window film can actually save you money in the long run! Better temperature control through filmed windows results in decreased energy costs. Save yourself time, money, and the hassle of other problems by investing in window film today.

Quality you can trust

Upgrade your home and your quality of life with window film. Contact the experts at Custom Glass Tinting Inc. here or give us a call at 317-823-4305 to receive your FREE window film quote today!

How to Care for your Window Film

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Window film doesn’t need to be cleaned as much as glass does. Because the glass is porous, dirt picks up quickly on it. The best part about the window film is you don’t have to worry about cleaning it all the time.

Window film is the easiest thing to clean. All you must do is fill a spray bottle with some dishwashing detergent and warm water. Once you have the solution, spray it onto the window film or onto a soft piece of cloth or sponge. Make sure to cover the entire window to get the best results. After you’ve cleaned it off, dry the glass with a clean, dry cloth.

The process of cleaning is simple, but here are some helpful tips with the keeping and care of your window film:

  • Check with your installer on the proper care and cleaning of your window film.
  • Wait 15-30 days before cleaning your newly installed window film to give it time to cure.
  • Avoid using cleaning solutions with ammonia, it will damage your window film.
  • Pure rubbing alcohol on a soft cotton cloth is great for removing heavy smudges.
  • Use soft cloths instead of paper towels to clean your film
  • Be extra cautious cleaning around the edges of your window film