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HPL, or as you may know it plastic laminate, is a material designed for high traffic commercial buildings like schools, hospitals, medical offices, and more. When you walk into, say a doctor’s office, and see colorful plastic cabinets from the 90s, they’re likely coated with a plastic laminate.


Those brightly colored HPL cabinets that the doctor’s office may be in serious need of a makeover. Those pink and teal finishes scream the 90s, so how can you modernize? The tricky thing is plastic laminate comes with several hindrances:

  • Without extensive preparation, primers, and time, you cannot simply paint over it. Even then, it’s not a very long-lasting fix.
  • These surfaces are typically made from a slightly fragile blend of glue and compressed wood that easily disintegrates once you remove the surface finish.

In reality, it’s easier and probably even cheaper to simply replace the entire cabinet than to attempt renewing the laminate. Unfortunately due to the glue and toxic chemicals used with HPL, these pieces cannot be recycled and will usually wind up in a landfill when replaced during a renovation.

Thankfully, there is a sustainable, easy, and affordable solution to this problem: 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes. Unlike plastic laminate, 3M DI-NOC films are easily removed and refinished without risking damaging the surface you cover.


With 3m DI-NOC finishes, you can easily update your cabinets by applying it over your old laminate. And when that DI-NOC finish eventually goes out of style, removal and replacement is easy. This can save you time, money, resources, and is much more sustainable for the environment.


DI-NOC takes on the surface characteristics of the substrate material it covers, meaning DI-NOC over a hard surface like HPL is a fantastic use of the material. DI-NOC can also withstand harsh cleaners like antibacterials. In addition, DI-NOC is not like natural materials, which have a porous surface that allows pathogens to penetrate. This makes DI-NOC not only safe for the environment, but safe for you as well. As we deal with the after effects of COVID-19, having a surface that doesn’t harbor bacteria and is easy to clean is a major benefit.


Using DI-NOC architectural films instead of HPL saves resources, time, and money. With how quickly and cleanly it can be applied, it’s not hard to see why it is the ultimate choice for easy restyling and renovation.

Learn About Window Film From Custom Glass Tinting, Inc.

Learn About Window Film From Custom Glass Tinting, Inc.

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Window film has steadily gained notoriety as a way to upgrade your home efficiently. However, with this growing awareness comes many questions we hope to answer! Here are five of our most frequently asked questions and our responses to them:

What is window film?

Window film, also known as window tint, is a film that is applied directly to the windows. It serves many functions like tinting, reinforcing, shielding, and cooling your home while not hindering your outside view. A wide variety of films are available that serve different purposes and advantages. Because it is applied directly to the window, it is extraordinarily simpler and cheaper to install than new, chemically altered windows.

Is it transparent?

It depends on what you’re looking for in your film. Some come practically clear for a distinct outside view, while others can go entirely opaque for extra privacy. In addition, they can come in various colors, textures, and transparencies. This allows you to get precisely what you need for your home.

How dark is it?

As stated before, you have a wide variety of films to select from depending on your needs. For example, if you want added privacy and security, a darker film may be more up your alley. However, if you are simply seeking to reinforce the strength of your windows, then you won’t need as dark a tint.

Does it reduce the light coming in?

3M window films are explicitly designed not to hinder the light coming in. They can prevent fading of interior furnishings, control the temperature, and reduce glare on your electronic screens without impeding your view or restricting light.

Can it be installed on MY windows?

The short answer is yes! Our professionals have handled everything from sliding glass doors to fancy high rises. We can work with just about any type or shape of window out there.

We hope this answers some of your questions! If you would like to inquire about our services, contact us today for more information!


Home Window Tint For a Healthier Home Lifestyle

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Lately, hacking and tricks to make your lifestyle healthier have been growing on social media. Quick and easy exercises, new diets, meal planning, and more have become viral videos on TikTok. As a result, more and more people understand how their choices affect their bodies.

Many wouldn’t think of it, but window tint can help you in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of sunlight’s damage to them and their surroundings. Overexposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause premature aging of the skin, fading of furnishings, and even increase the risk of skin cancer.

We know that we have to lather up the sunscreen when we spend too much time outside. However, the same kind of damage can occur when inside the walls of your home by coming through the windows.

This is where our window film can come into the picture! Window films are recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation to reduce the risks. This is what they had to say in a recent article:

“While it’s understood that taking sun safety precautions is important outside, few people realize they can sustain sun damage indoors, too. While both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation from the sun can harm the skin and lead to skin cancers, UVB is effectively blocked by glass. However, at least 50 percent of UVA rays can pass through windows. Window film is an increasingly effective solution, offering substantial indoor protection by blocking up to 99.9 percent of UVA radiation. Although they are less intense than UVB, UVA rays are 30 to 50 times more prevalent and are present with relatively equal intensity during all daylight hours throughout the year. Window film can help prevent harmful UVA rays from damaging your skin.”

Healthier lifestyles are something to embrace fully. If you are interested in upgrading your home to assist you on this journey, contact us today to find out more.

The Benefits of Residential Window Film

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There are many benefits to installing window film on your windows, whether it be a commercial or residential building.

Energy Efficient
Extreme heat in the summer can cause us to crank up the A/C, and spend more money and energy in order to maintain a comfortable environment. The average window film can reduce solar energy coming through your windows by 50-70%. This allows you to cut down on using your A/C unit while still enjoying a moderate environment.

UV Ray Reduction
UV rays can be very damaging to both your skin as well as the interior of your home. We all know to wear sunscreen when we go outside to protect our skin. However UV rays can also come through our windows, causing damage not just to us but our interior furnishings. Window film can protect our home’s furnishings from aging, fading, and material deterioration.

Reducing Glare
Glare on our computer screen and televisions from sunlight can be very frustrating. High quality window film can block up to 60% of glare, making it a much more relaxing environment to kick back and watch TV. In addition to glare, window films can cut back on those annoying sun spots that can blind us during certain hours of the day without hindering your view.

Safety and Security
Security window films actively reinforce your glass and bond to the window frame for extra security. This reduces the vulnerability of your windows to breakage, and prevents injuries caused by shattered glass in the case of breakage.

Window films bring amazing benefits to your home, but they are only as good as their installation. Finding a provider that can professionally install these films is important for ensuring high quality results. If you are ready to upgrade your windows, contact us today for a consultation.

3M Window Film For Commercial Windows

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Windows are an essential aspect of any structure. They allow natural light to come in while also allowing us to look outside. They do, however, come with their own drawbacks. Without proper protection, your windows can usher in more problems than benefits. However, installing a 3M window film can solve many of these problems in a cost-effective, aesthetic way.

Safety and Security
Windows are an excellent way for us to look out, but they’re also a way for people to look in. This can threaten your building’s security and increase the likelihood of a smash and grab robbery. In addition, window film can tint your windows without restricting the light or view you have from the inside. This hinders their view into your building, making you less of a target.

These films can also strengthen your windows, meaning in an extreme storm or a bomb blast, you are less likely to be injured by shattered glass as it holds together against the shock.

Energy Savings
Extreme outdoor temperatures can significantly impact interior temperatures. For example, in the summer, we may find ourselves cranking up the A/C, whereas, in the winter, we will increase the heat. This can drive up energy costs to keep up with the intense temperatures. Window film can assist in maintaining a comfortable interior environment by keeping the interior cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter without impacting your view of the outdoors.

Glare, hot spots, cold spots, and interior furnishings fading can make it a very uncomfortable environment. Window films can reduce glare, eliminate hot and cold spots, and preserve the quality of your interior furnishings. This will make it a much more welcoming environment for your tenants.

Etched, cut, frosted, and branded glass are brilliant ways to make your building stand out. As beautiful as these upgrades are, they can be expensive to install. Window film can achieve these aesthetics at a fraction of the cost.

3M window films are a brilliant way to upgrade your building without spending more than you need. It’s essential to find professionals who can correctly apply window film. This ensures high-quality results and longevity.

If you are ready to invest in high-quality, 3M window film installation for your commercial windows, contact us today for a quote.

How Window Film Improves Your Life

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Throughout our lives, we are constantly improving the environment we dwell in. Whether that is your office, bedroom, or home in general. But as you begin to take on improvement projects, it can seem overwhelming when you look at the overall environment. This is why many will recommend breaking your environment up into sections that you can renovate and decorate.

When we think of sectioning off these rooms and their various projects, we think about the typical renovation projects we see on HGTV. Reflooring, repainting, installing permanent wall fixtures, new lighting, and more. However, there is one part of a room you may not have thought about improving: windows.

Windows are an important part of a room. They allow natural sunlight to come in and brighten the room. They also give you a perfect view of the outside so you can enjoy the view while staying safe and comfortable inside.

Many wouldn’t think of windows when renovating a room. However, with how important windows are they shouldn’t be left out of the improvement process. This is where 3M window film comes into play. There are a variety of 3M window films that can greatly improve your room, and even come with additional benefits you may not have thought of before.

Privacy and Security
With being able to look out a window comes the drawback of others being able to peer in. Homes with a lot of windows, or large windows, can become the target of smash and grab robberies. This is due to an easy view into those homes to see valuables. 3M window film can darken your windows to the outside viewers without affecting your view to the outside, or the sunlight streaming in. This hinders their view of your home, making you a harder target.

Electric Bill Reductions
We all love a good stream of sunlight coming into our bedroom or office. But with that sunlight comes heat. This can cause our electric bills to go up in the summertime as we turn up our A/C unit to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. Window film can keep the cool air in your home while deflecting the heat on the outside.

UV Ray Protection
Sunlight has UV rays that can be harmful to interior furnishings and fixtures. Fading, aging, discoloration, and material deterioration. Window film can give your room UV protection, preserving and caring for your furnishings while still making the room bright with natural light.

If you are ready to add windows to your renovation projects, click here to learn more about the services we provide and window films we install:

Security and Safety Window Film

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Window film can enhance your windows, make your business or home look cleaner, and provide additional safety and security. There are many different kinds of window films, each with its own unique set of qualities and benefits. However, two types of window films are often mistaken to be the same due to their similar qualities. Shatterproof window film and security window film. It’s essential to know the difference between the two to get the right window film for your needs.

  1. Shatterproof Window Film
    Shatterproof window film has grown to be a very important aspect of safety and security for most buildings, both residential and business. Shatter-resistant film increases the protection of your building against drastic disasters. Which include hurricanes, bomb blasts, and terrorist attacks. This film is resilient and shatter-resistant while still retaining its transparency. It is composed of layered micro-thin polyester. These layers hold together broken glass, mitigating harm to pedestrians and occupants from the broken glass in the case of a disaster.
  2. Security Window Film
    Security window film is similar to shatterproof film in that it reinforces and strengthens a window. However, its purpose is slightly different than the shatterproof film. Security film has four specific purposes:
  3. Anti-smash and grab
    Smash and grab robberies are a common way thieves steal from homes and businesses. This film hinders these robberies by causing resistance against forced entry.
  4. Active shooter mitigation
    Active shooters have unfortunately become part of our lives as a nation. Security window film can offer mitigation against ballistics in the case of an active shooter.
  5. Blast mitigation
    Bombs, terrorist attacks, and other disasters can cause blasts to rock through an area. This blast can create major devastation and damage. These films can assist in protecting individuals around them from being harmed by shattered, flying glass.
  6. RF protection
    These films are most frequently used on government buildings and other businesses with confidential information to protect against hackers seeking to exploit the information found inside.

Once you have decided which film is best for you, finding trustworthy professionals is the next important step. Getting your film professionally installed ensures reliability and longevity. Contact us today if you are ready to enhance the safety and security of your windows.

Commercial Glass Tinting By Custom Glass Tinting

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Window tinting for commercial purposes has slowly increased as more and more businesses begin to upgrade their buildings. There are many reasons why a company chooses commercial window tint. We have composed three reasons why you should consider doing the same.

  1. Window tint becomes a barrier between yourself and the sun without restricting the natural light coming in. Sunlight can be very warm and inviting. Still, it can also be damaging to the interior furnishings. UV rays can cause fading, discoloration, and aging. Window tint can block these harmful UV rays, control internal temperature, and maintain natural and bright light. 3M sun control window tint, in particular, is the best tint for this problem.
  2. Window tint can also lend an extra layer of security and protection. Commercial window tint is built to hold together in the case of breakage. This means in a hurricane, bomb blast, or other emergency, glass shards won’t go flying. This can also protect your building if it becomes the target of a smash and grab robbery. 3M safety and security window tint can be the perfect barrier.
  3. Commercial window tint, in addition to the reasons we listed, can make your building tax-deductible. The Environmental Protection Act (EPA) of 2005 has made it possible for commercial buildings that utilize certain “green” building materials to become eligible for a tax deduction. There is a selection of 3M window films that can qualify for this deduction.

Commercial window tint can be the best upgrade to your business this year. As a 3M window tint provider, we can help you with that professional upgrade at an affordable cost. For a quote or more information, contact us today.

Reasons to Get Your Home Windows Tinted

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Need a simple way to improve your home? Getting your home windows tinted could be the next best thing. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Privacy

If you’re uncomfortable when people investigate your home, window film will satisfy your privacy needs.

  • Security

Security window films prevent outside intruders from looking into your home while also giving the glass on the window a studier hold. Window film is an extra way to feel safe in your home.

  • Glare Reduction

Nothing is worse than the glare from the sun. Installing window film is similar to putting on sunglasses!

  • UV Light Protection

Window film can protect your eyes and skin from UVs from the sun. Window film lets you have it all, natural light, and protection for you.

  • Protection from Sun Damage

Did you know that the sunlight can ruin your furnishings? In fact, the sun’s UV light makes carpet, hardwood, countertops, and other furnishings fade. Protect your belongings with window film.

  • Preventative Overheating

On a sunny, hot day, the sunlight can raise indoor temperatures tremendously. Window film can keep the indoors cool and prevent overheating in your home.

  • Reduce Energy Consumption

The more power you consume, the more bills you must pay. Installing window film can reduce your energy consumption.

  • Save Money

With reducing energy consumption comes lower energy bills! Not only will it protect indoor temperatures but the tarnishing of furniture too.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Will window film reduce the fading of my furnishings?

A: Yes! Without window film, the sun’s UV rays, and visible light can cause fading to your furnishings, belongings, and merchandise. Installing window film will reduce UV rays transmitting through your window up to 85%. Save your things and add window film!

Q: Will my energy savings increase?

A: Yes. You save more money on energy usage when installing window film. The film helps control the temperature inside and helps with the cooling and heating in your home.

Q: Will window film obstruct the view?

A: No! In fact, our high-quality window film reduces glare helping you to see better in your home and still gives you a clear view to look out your windows.

Q: How long will my window film last?

A: Our films come with a warranty if something were to happen. However, our high-quality window film will be installed by our expert professionals, making your window film last.

Q: Is the film applied to the inside or outside of the window?

A: It is applied to the interior side of your windows, facing the room.

Q: How do I clean my windows once it is installed?

A: After 60 days, you can clean your windows with a soft cloth. It’s important to avoid paper towels and avoid abrasive cleansers and bristle brushes.

These are just a few of the questions you may have about window film. Custom Glass Tinting can provide you with our professionals to do a quick and easy install.