The Benefits of Residential Window Film

By May 23, 2022Uncategorized

There are many benefits to installing window film on your windows, whether it be a commercial or residential building.

Energy Efficient
Extreme heat in the summer can cause us to crank up the A/C, and spend more money and energy in order to maintain a comfortable environment. The average window film can reduce solar energy coming through your windows by 50-70%. This allows you to cut down on using your A/C unit while still enjoying a moderate environment.

UV Ray Reduction
UV rays can be very damaging to both your skin as well as the interior of your home. We all know to wear sunscreen when we go outside to protect our skin. However UV rays can also come through our windows, causing damage not just to us but our interior furnishings. Window film can protect our home’s furnishings from aging, fading, and material deterioration.

Reducing Glare
Glare on our computer screen and televisions from sunlight can be very frustrating. High quality window film can block up to 60% of glare, making it a much more relaxing environment to kick back and watch TV. In addition to glare, window films can cut back on those annoying sun spots that can blind us during certain hours of the day without hindering your view.

Safety and Security
Security window films actively reinforce your glass and bond to the window frame for extra security. This reduces the vulnerability of your windows to breakage, and prevents injuries caused by shattered glass in the case of breakage.

Window films bring amazing benefits to your home, but they are only as good as their installation. Finding a provider that can professionally install these films is important for ensuring high quality results. If you are ready to upgrade your windows, contact us today for a consultation.