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February 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Will window film reduce the fading of my furnishings?

A: Yes! Without window film, the sun’s UV rays, and visible light can cause fading to your furnishings, belongings, and merchandise. Installing window film will reduce UV rays transmitting through your window up to 85%. Save your things and add window film!

Q: Will my energy savings increase?

A: Yes. You save more money on energy usage when installing window film. The film helps control the temperature inside and helps with the cooling and heating in your home.

Q: Will window film obstruct the view?

A: No! In fact, our high-quality window film reduces glare helping you to see better in your home and still gives you a clear view to look out your windows.

Q: How long will my window film last?

A: Our films come with a warranty if something were to happen. However, our high-quality window film will be installed by our expert professionals, making your window film last.

Q: Is the film applied to the inside or outside of the window?

A: It is applied to the interior side of your windows, facing the room.

Q: How do I clean my windows once it is installed?

A: After 60 days, you can clean your windows with a soft cloth. It’s important to avoid paper towels and avoid abrasive cleansers and bristle brushes.

These are just a few of the questions you may have about window film. Custom Glass Tinting can provide you with our professionals to do a quick and easy install.

Install Privacy Window Film

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There are many benefits to installing privacy window film into your home, Custom Glass Tinting is here to convince you why.

  1. Safety

Privacy window film elevates your home and reduces the risks of intruders entering or peeking into your home. The extra layer of protection gives the glass a stronger hold.

  • Less Glare

Did you know that installing window film in your home can reduce 50% of the glare coming through your window? Decrease headaches and glare with window film.

  • Energy Savings

Save money and save energy! Installing the tint will block up to 80% of the heat entering your home, making the temperature always comfortable.

  • Enhanced Aesthetic

Homes with dark windows always look chic and sleek. You can choose an array of colors and layers of privacy when you add window film to your home.

  • Reduce Fading

Window film blocks up to 99% of UV rays. Often, the sun will fade your hardwood floors and furniture. Save money and your prized furnishings.

  • Affordable

Install window film with numerous benefits for a low cost. The affordable film is easy and fast to install by our professionals.

Power in Privacy

If you are looking to install window film to your home, contact Custom Glass Tinting.

Reduce Glare in Your Home

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Best Places to Install Glare Reduction Window Film

  1. Living Room

The living room is where we watch TV or sit on the couch and use our devices. Avoid a harsh glare by installing window film into your living room.

  • Bathroom

When getting ready, especially when applying makeup, reduce the harsh natural light by installing window film.

  • Office

When working at home, the natural light can make it hard to focus on your computer screen or monitor. Instead of buying curtains, installing window film will give you the best light to be comfortable in your office.

  • Kitchen

Avoid glare in the kitchen when handling hot pans and cooking utensils.

It’s important to be comfortable in your home. Installing glare reduction window film can boost the comfort in your home and make relaxing in your home perfect.