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Does Window Film Prevent Fading?

Does Window Film Prevent Fading?

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Window film CAN protect your furnishing from potential fading. Custom Glass Tinting wants you to protect your furniture, from losing its color.

Some of the furnishings that can lose their vibrance include:

  • Rugs
  • Hardwood floors
  • Couches
  • Desks
  • Countertops

But what causes the fade?

Oddly enough, there are many factors when it comes to sunlight ruining your furniture. Let’s break it down.

Ultraviolet Rays: Nearly 40% of your assets fading is because of UV rays. This occurs because of a process known as photodegradation. The UV light breaks down the molecules in materials. Normal windows only filter a little bit of that.

Visible Sunlight: We all love the fresh sunlight that makes our rooms aesthetically pleasing, but 25% of your furnishing gets ruined because of solar heat.

Solar Heat: Additionally, another 25% of your furnishing begins to fade through solar heat.

Others: the last 10% of fading is from a miscellaneous number of factors and natural conditions.


Add Window Film

However, to avoid fading, adding window film is the best way to avoid all of this. Enjoy comfortable temperatures and natural light, while also taking care of the fading of furniture. Window film filters out 40% of ultraviolet rays and reduces the effects of solar heat on your interior.



How to Protect your Home when You’re on Vacation

How to Protect your Home when You’re on Vacation

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Don’t let your worries about your home ruin your vacation. It’s time to kick back and relax because with the set of precautions Indy Tint will give you, you’ll be set.


Don’t Announce your whereabouts

With the introduction of social media, it’s easy for burglars to know your whereabouts through multiple platforms. Try to wait for your return to post about your vacation. Additionally, posting after the trip will help you enjoy your trip more.


Put Your Lights on Timers

If your lights are on, it will deter burglars from the scene because they will think you are home. Setting a timer for your lights can help protect your home.


Ask a Neighbor to Pick up your Mail

Don’t let a pile of newspapers or a full mailbox give burglars any ideas that you aren’t home. Have a good friend or neighbor pick up your mail for you, this way burglars will stay away.


Tint your Windows

If you have tinted windows, you don’t have to worry about burglars looking inside – you have a lot more privacy. You can also add the safety and security window film, that reinforces glass making it sturdier and harder to break.

Reduce the Fade

Reduce the Fade

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Have you ever noticed your furniture and other parts of your home fading and you’re not sure why? Oddly enough, the suns UV rays coming through your window are fading the colors of your couch, hardwood, or even countertops.


Without proper protection, the sun will continue to fade the furnishings throughout your home. In fact, Ultraviolet rays (UV) are the largest contributor to the fading of your flooring and home furnishings.


This occurs because of a process known as photodegradation. The UV light breaks down the molecules in materials but ordinary glass windows only filter about 75% of the UV light. That leaves 25% of it fading your belongings.


Protect Your Furnishings

How do I protect my furnishings from fading? It’s easy, Window film. Window film offers a long-lasting solution for your home that helps provide protection 24/7 from the fading of your home furnishing. Additionally, there are many designs and styles to choose from when deciding about installing window film.


There are a number of other options like replacement windows but adding window film from Indy Tint is half the cost and benefits it more ways than one.

Professional Window Film Installation vs. DIY

Professional Window Film Installation vs. DIY

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We already know the benefits of adding window film to our home and office, but what do we need to know about the installation? Although many people believe they are “handy” and could do it themselves, there are some tricky things we need to know before installing ourselves. It’s best to trust the company you buy the window film from to install it.


Window film is available at most home improvement stores, but there are many important factors to consider when buying and installing window films.


Types of Glass

Surprisingly, not all windows and window glass are the same. There are a few different kinds including, insulated glass units, argon gas-filled units, Low-E coatings, reflective coatings, and spectrally selective coatings.

For window film to be installed correctly and efficiently, you must select a film that works best with your specific window type. You can damage your window if done incorrectly and cause glass breakage or seal failure in multi-pane window units.


Quality of the Window Film

Most home improvement stores sell window film, and it is normally the most affordable film on the market. But that’s because it’s a low-quality film.

Choosing to have your windows done by Indy Tint will help you learn what you should put on your glass for the best coverage, protection and we will be able to offer you a much wider selection of shades, colors, and designs.

Additionally, we offer a warranty, that way you are always protected from possible failures.

Installation Skills

No doubt professionally installed window film will look better, last longer, and perform as intended on the glass surface. We also have the proper tools to install and a lot of experience. DIY installers are not willing to invest in high-quality tools or film. That’s why you should leave it to us when it comes to the installation of your window film.

Locate us today to install your window film.