Does Window Film Prevent Fading?

By July 20, 2021Uncategorized
Does Window Film Prevent Fading?

Window film CAN protect your furnishing from potential fading. Custom Glass Tinting wants you to protect your furniture, from losing its color.

Some of the furnishings that can lose their vibrance include:

  • Rugs
  • Hardwood floors
  • Couches
  • Desks
  • Countertops

But what causes the fade?

Oddly enough, there are many factors when it comes to sunlight ruining your furniture. Let’s break it down.

Ultraviolet Rays: Nearly 40% of your assets fading is because of UV rays. This occurs because of a process known as photodegradation. The UV light breaks down the molecules in materials. Normal windows only filter a little bit of that.

Visible Sunlight: We all love the fresh sunlight that makes our rooms aesthetically pleasing, but 25% of your furnishing gets ruined because of solar heat.

Solar Heat: Additionally, another 25% of your furnishing begins to fade through solar heat.

Others: the last 10% of fading is from a miscellaneous number of factors and natural conditions.


Add Window Film

However, to avoid fading, adding window film is the best way to avoid all of this. Enjoy comfortable temperatures and natural light, while also taking care of the fading of furniture. Window film filters out 40% of ultraviolet rays and reduces the effects of solar heat on your interior.