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How to Find the Right Window Film Company

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Finding The Right Window Film Company

Each day we talk to people who are researching window tint companies, and we will explain that they should look at the same few points for each window film company:

Find out if they install 3M™ manufactured window film.

If a window film installer is hesitant to tell you who manufactures the window film they install, end the call and choose to work with someone else. This is a good indicator that the window film installer is switching films or is choosing not to use high quality films for installation. Purchasing this type of window film for your home windows will result in expensive film removal charges and re-tinting charges in the immediate future.

Ask what the window film warranty covers and be sure to make sure you will be issued a copy of the warranty.

All 3M window film products carry a specific warranty that will detail what the warranty covers, along with information about how to locate a window film installer nationwide. A window film installation company who does not issue a warranty card will most likely state that it will honor a warranty as long as there is tangible proof that the installer completed the work, but you will not have a guarantee that they will use the same product you originally purchased. In addition, if the installer closes, you have will no proof that a warranty exists on your home window film. The best plan to protect yourself is to get a copy of the warranty and keep it with you’re the original copy of your receipt.

Review the window film installation company’s credentials

How many window film installations has the company completed? Do they install window film on home and commercial windows, or do they specialize in one over the other? Ask about the conditions under which they prefer to install and ask to see the available window film options.

The application of window film to home or commercial windows can be a substantial investment, one that should last for the life of you owning the property. An established and honest window film application company will have no problem showing you the window film products you want to purchase. Following these simple steps, and asking a few questions, before hiring an installation company will result in an improved overall experience that will not need to be repeated in two years.

Three Benefits of Home Window Film Application

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The key benefit most people understand about tinting home windows is that it can reduce energy bills. This is great, but how does it work? Window tint film options from 3M™ minimize heat loss during winter months and heat gain during summer months, which will help you save money on energy bills! The window film also helps to reduce the loss of air conditioned air during hottest months of the summer. This helps your home to be more energy efficient and the rooms comfortable for everyone, all without ever needing to really purchase and install new windows.

Tinting Home Windows Helps Protect Furniture – Each homeowner would like to have light fill a room without being forced to alter the view with closed blinds to keep the sun from damaging the sofa and chairs.

UV window tint can minimize the fading of fabrics, rugs, art and wood caused by the sun. If fading has been an issue in your home, stop running from room to room opening or closing window treatments as the position of the sun changes and get window film applied by a professional. Then it will be possible to enjoy the light without the worry for your possessions.

Window Film Helps Improve Safety and Protection – In addition to reduced energy expenses, window tint can add a layer of security and safety to your home. When a window that does not have window film applied is broken, the fragments of glass are sprayed into a room and pose a risk to personal injury. The resulting hole in the window also allows the elements to enter the home and damage your furnishings. However, a window that has been treated with a security window film will keep the broken glass in place and it does not enter the room. This will keep the elements outside. The window film also helps prevent the glass from breaking due to run of the mill bumps and bangs.

There is even a special line of security window film that is a thicker gauge film that provides improved protection to the residence against intruders, vandalism and projectiles.