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The Myths of Window Film

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Let’s get right to it. What’s a fact and what’s a myth?

Myth 1: Window Film does not improve Energy Savings

False: This is 100% false. In fact, studies show that the addition of window tint on your glass can reduce total energy consumption by 35% to 50%. Additionally, the energy savings achieved by adding window film can ultimately pay for itself after a few years of installation.

Myth 2: Window Film makes a Home look too dark

False: Window film increases light and comfort levels in your home or office. The best part of window film is you get the privacy you want from the outside but as much light as you want on the inside.

Myth 3: Window Film causes the glass to break or crack

False: Window film prevents the glass from breaking. The film gives your glass an extra layer to protect any potential factors that could cause it to break. If something were to happen due to thermal stress, we offer multiple warranties that can help you.

Myth 4: Window Film is not long-lasting

False: Depending on what you buy, will ultimately decide how long the window film lasts. However, 10 years should be the minimum. Luckily, many places offer warranties for up to 10 or 15 years.

Fact: Cool Sunlight is the Go-to window film provider

True! Custom Glass Tinting can install your window film and debunk all your myths about window film. Contact us today for a consultation.

Why Your Window Film Installer Should be 3M Certified

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What is 3M?

You may notice many products labeled with a “3M,” symbol. If you have ever noticed that, then it means that the product is 3M certified. Especially when it comes to window film, your tint should be 3M certified for the best quality window film.

3M is an American multinational conglomerate corporation operating in the fields of industry, worker safety, U.S. health care, and consumer goods. The Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company received the first dye-based residential window film. Meaning, 3M is the leader of window technologies.

What does being a 3M Authorized Dealer mean?

Simply put, it means adhering to the strict set of 3M standards. When someone is 3M certified, they are adding the best window film technology to your home or office. 3M dealers stay up to date with the most recent technologies and are always being educated on how to improve their service. 3M offers regional and national training sessions for its members.

What are the Benefits of working with a 3M Authorized Dealer?

  • Lifetime warranties
  • Great installation services
  • Access to 3M products not found anywhere else
  • 3M Specialty Series

Custom Glass Tinting is available for you. We specialize in window film and are 3M certified.

Additional Window Security Tips

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Although window film does help for various reasons when it comes to security, there are other precautions you can take. Especially with the technological developments in this day and age, you can make your home safer with these devices:

Security Cameras

Security cameras can be a bit pricey, but these devices can help keep your entire home safe and can spot an intruder. With the invention of Ring and Google’s Nest Cam, installing these into your home can give you peace of mind and protect you and your family.


Floodlights are a great way to minimize potential intruders and are a much lower price. The lights are motion-censored, meaning you can reduce the chances of someone snooping around your home.

Window Locks

Just like your doors, you can add locks to your windows as well. There are many types including, ventilation locks, hinge locks, locking pin locks, etc.

Custom Glass Tinting wants you to stay safe.

Security Window Film Will Protect your Home

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 Custom Glass Tinting doesn’t want you to neglect your windows or sliding glass doors when it comes to potential trouble. Adding security window film to your windows or sliding glass doors can help protect you and your home from intruders, here’s why:

  • Reduces Visibility

IF someone is planning to burglarize your home, they will most likely do it from a window. However, adding window film can make it harder for people to look inside your home. This can deter criminals from going inside because they aren’t aware of the valuables in your home.

  • Increased Resistance

Not only does window film reduce visibility, but the extra coating of tint helps make your glass stronger and increase resistance. With shatter-resistant technology, your windows can be protected.

  • Strengthens it

Glass is a very fragile material. It’s elegant and simple, but it can be easily broken. Adding security film can boost the defense of it breaking.

Tips to prevent a break-in

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The best way to prevent a potential break-in is by making it seem like you are home. Burglars are much less likely to break and enter your home if its looks like you are there. Custom Glass Tinting is here to provide you with a few tips.

1. Leave a TV on

The first tip is to leave your tv on. If you have all the lights off but are watching TV, the criminal can assume you are just watching a movie. This will make the criminal think twice before breaking and entering.

2. Avoid posting on social media until after the trip:

Although going on vacation is super exciting, try to avoid posting on social media until after the trip. Even if you are private on social media, a criminal could potentially see a post about you leaving and know when to burglarize your home.

3. Park a car in the driveway:

A good sign that you are home is having a car in the driveway. If you usually park it in the garage, park it on the outside to deter burglars.

4. Leave lights on

Leaving a light on can deter a criminal. If the house is completely dark, especially for multiple days, they will assume no one is home and then your home is more vulnerable.

5. Ask a friend to housesit

If you’ll be gone for a week or more, consider having someone house sit. This person can bring in the mail and walk around the house. They could even potentially stay there and watch out for any emergencies that could happen in your home.

Why should I install window film?

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  1. Decrease Heat

Adding window film to your home will ultimately decrease the heat and regulate the temperatures inside. Window film is efficient when it comes to controlling the effects of solar energy. Your home will feel more comfortable and save some money.

  • Reduce Fading

Window Film blocks 99.9% of UV rays. That means those harmful UVA and UVB rays flowing into your home can be reduced. This will help with reducing the fade of color on furniture and hardwood floors. It. Also can protect your skin!

  • Get Rid of that Glare

When working on a computer screen or even watching tv, the glare coming through the windows is obnoxious and can cause headaches. With window film, you can cut the glare out of your home. There’s no need to move around or add blinds or curtains!

  • Go Green

Sustainability is a major focus for our society. Luckily for you, adding window film will create energy savings. Adding the film will reduce your energy systems use and reduce the cost.

  • Increase Safety

Whether there is an intruder or a natural disaster, having window film has helped you with security and privacy. Avoid people looking into your home and making it harder for them to break in. Adding the privacy film from Indy Tint will reduce the shattering of glass from a break-in or a natural disaster.

  • Enhance your Look

Window film will give your home or office a smart, clean, and organized look. We also offer decorative window film if you want to add more pizazz to your home.

  • Quick and Easy

Indy Tint makes sure to install your window film quickly and is non-intrusive. We are here to accommodate you with all of your window film needs. Check us out.

5 Myths of Window Film

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Everyone who has installed window film into their home has been exceptionally pleased. We know that and so do our customers. However, we still hear people question the quality of window tint.

Indy Tint is here to debunk the 5 myths of window film.

1. Window Film ages badly

If you have seen discolored and warped window tint, let us inform you that the window film was not installed professionally. Many people DIY window film and it gets improperly installed. However, Indy Tint will use all of the right tools to professionally install window film to your home or office and it will last for decades.

2. Tinted Windows are too Dark

That is ultimately up to you! If you want your window film to appear dark, you can choose that. However, from the inside, it is just as bright in your home and it only appears dark from the exterior. That means you have secure privacy.

3. Tint is all for show, it doesn’t work

Window tint is very classy and stylish however, it protects up to 99% of harmful UV rays that can damage your furnishings and protect your eyes from glare.

4. Window film is Burglar Proof

Although we wish it was, window tint is not magic. It isn’t burglar-proof, but it does give you extra privacy and a protective layer on the glass to protect it from shattering as easily.

5. Tinting ruins your windows

No! All you need is Indy Tint to install window film into your home professionally and we will have your windows lasting for years.

If you have any other questions about potentially adding window film to your home, were here to answer them.

Broken Glass

How does Glass Break?

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Indy Tint knows that glass breaks. But how exactly does glass randomly break?

There are a few different types of stressors that can lead to glass breaking. Including:

  • Tensile Stress: caused by anything trying to stretch the glass.
  • Thermal Stress: caused by extreme temperatures that cause thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Impact Stress: caused my outside sources. For example, hail, stones, rocks or even balls from children.
  • Mechanical Flexing Stress: caused by high winds cause extreme pressures which causes the glass to shatter.
  • Twisting Stress: caused by building settling or from the window frame sagging.

Luckily, when applying window film to your glass, thermal stress is the only kind of stress you would need to worry about. However, even with window film, the amount of sunlight on it does very little to increase that kind of stressor.

Window film is an added protective layer to your glass. Meaning, it will help avoid any kind of breakage. Even from your children hitting the window or a burglar trying to break in. The extra layer helps as a defensive mechanism.

7 Reasons to Add Decorative Window Film

7 Reasons to Add Decorative Window Film

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If you are looking for a great way to improve your business, decorative window film may be just what you need.

Besides just a stylish exterior, decorative window film can do a lot more for you than you think. Indy Tint is here to tell you why you need to install window film.

1. Privacy

2. Saves you Money

3. Easy to Maintain

4. Wide Variety

5. Protection Against UV Rays

6. Cuts Glare

7. Preserves your Furnishings

How does it do these things? Well adding window film gives you more privacy because of the protected layer on your glass. It saves you money by preventing you from buying and replacing curtains or blinds. Indy Tint offers you a wide variety of window film to decorate your home or office with. Lastly, it can protect you against UV rays from the sun to your furnishings and your skin.

Indy Tint is here to offer you the best quality decorative window film. Contact us today.

3 Reasons You Need Security Window Film

3 Reasons You Need Security Window Film

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Security Window Film is designed to protect your business or your home from potential crimes, severe weather, and many other problems that we, unfortunately, may face. Indy Tint offers you the best security window film in town.


So why do you need security films?


Avoid Potential Crime: Your glass windows are the most vulnerable part of your home or office. Being able to smash into your personal space is too easy for criminals. But adding window film can help prevent potential burglars and help you keep all of your belongings.


Protection against Storms: Not only can it protect from burglary, but severe weather as well. The film gives the glass an extra layer of protection which will reduce a shatter from high winds.


Improve the Safety: There are many accidents that can occur when being around glass besides weather and crime. Adding that extra layer can ultimately help protect from trees falling, kids playing, and much more.


Contact Indy Tint Today.