How does Glass Break?

By September 15, 2021Uncategorized
Broken Glass

Indy Tint knows that glass breaks. But how exactly does glass randomly break?

There are a few different types of stressors that can lead to glass breaking. Including:

  • Tensile Stress: caused by anything trying to stretch the glass.
  • Thermal Stress: caused by extreme temperatures that cause thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Impact Stress: caused my outside sources. For example, hail, stones, rocks or even balls from children.
  • Mechanical Flexing Stress: caused by high winds cause extreme pressures which causes the glass to shatter.
  • Twisting Stress: caused by building settling or from the window frame sagging.

Luckily, when applying window film to your glass, thermal stress is the only kind of stress you would need to worry about. However, even with window film, the amount of sunlight on it does very little to increase that kind of stressor.

Window film is an added protective layer to your glass. Meaning, it will help avoid any kind of breakage. Even from your children hitting the window or a burglar trying to break in. The extra layer helps as a defensive mechanism.