Learn About 3M™ Window Film

By January 24, 2020Uncategorized

What is the average energy reimbursement when it comes to 3M™ Sun Control Window Film?

Simple reimbursement depends on various elements like how much the glass is exposed to sunlight, the kind of film, the kind of glass, cost of fuel, the cost of application, and so much more. With all that said, we have witnessed reimbursement often ranging in the 2-5 year period. Contact Custom Glass Tinting, Inc., to examine the potential savings in energy you can get.

How do I apply 3M Window Film?

3M films are professionally installed by trained and authorized 3M dealers, so you don’t have to worry about attempting it yourself. Most of our films are intended to be installed to the inside of your glass.

The first step is preparing the window area for installation. This includes placing tarps or drop cloths on the floor, and moving furniture away from the area.

Next, the glass is cleaned using basic cleaning solution and razor blade scrapers. The film is also sprayed with a slip solution for precise application, and applied to the glass. Using professional equipment and training, the installation is finished by removing any moisture, cleaning up edges, and drying the edges.

How long does it take for 3M Window Films to dry?

We recommend letting it fully dry and cure, which can take up to thirty days. As it cures, it’s perfectly normal for it to look hazy or have small water bubbles. Overtime, these will disappear leaving a clean and transparent finish. Depending on weather conditions and the kind of film applied, drying can take as long as 45 days, or as short as just a few days. Once cured, 3M window Films will look stunning and perform for years after application.